3 easy things you can do to support our troops

Image : Ma’sum Ghar, Afghanistan, 2010

I come from a military family. My father and every single one of his brothers served at some point in their life. So are my brother and my cousins. I served 11 years as an Imagery Technician (Image Tech) in the Canadian Forces before retiring in 2013.

Together we have served in Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Cyprus, Somalia, and more recently Afghanistan. I was the fifth one in my family to land in this country (even if it was for a limited 72h spread over 2 trips). As we speak, my cousin is currently deployed on a Ship.

All that to say that on November 11, I strongly encourage you to show support to your troops and show up to a Remembrance Day ceremony in your community.

So what can you do to support our troops?

  1. Wear your poppy
  2. Attend Remembrance Day parade
  3. Send care packages

This year I have not been tasked as a photographer so I will be taking my son to the ceremony in Aylmer. He is thrilled to come with me and curious about it. I’m very happy to be able to share this moment with him and somehow feel it is my duty.

Every time a family member or friend was deployed, I took pride in sending them regular packages or letters. I would often include pictures and items to go with the time of year, like a mask and a wig for Halloween and Christmas decorations. The feedback I got from them was always positive and I have no doubt that coming back from a mission to a letter/package from home can do a lot of good.

What about you? What do you do to support your troops?

Remembrance Day 2014
I come from a military family, 2010