Confinement, rainbows and new challenge.

This Coronavirus, alias COVID-19, has forced everyone to stay home and adapt to new day-to-day routines that, ultimately, will protect us in the long term.

At home, we are extremely fortunate to both have government jobs that allows us to continue to receive the same income and remove a potential financial burden. My wife being a teacher make sure that our kids do a bit to continue learning every day and keeps them busy while I telework.

On March 25th, I began an 8-month assignment in a different unit as a New Media/Web Specialist. Luckily I already knew my new colleagues and starting this new challenge from home was not too difficult. In this role I will be managing social media, creating digital content and, from time to time, pick up a camera.

By now you have all seen pictures of rainbows in people’s home as a way to bring us together as a community and as a sign of hope. Here are a few that my kids and wife have drawn in our front window. Everyday, I feel it is important to document how this virus is impacting our life. Mostly for our own sake/archive. I hope you like these.

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy.

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