Confinement, rainbows and new challenge.

This Coronavirus, alias COVID-19, has forced everyone to stay home and adapt to new day-to-day routines that, ultimately, will protect us in the long term. At home, we are extremely fortunate to both have government jobs that allows us to continue to receive the same income and remove a potential financial burden. My wife being a teacher make sure that our kids do a bit to continue learning every day and keeps them busy while I telework. On March 25th, I began an 8-month assignment in a different unit as a New Media/Web Specialist. Luckily I already knew my new […]

Photography was my plan B.

Portrait of me during basic training in 2002. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to wear a uniform. As a teenager I wanted to become an Infantry soldier. But I wanted a plan B in case that did not work or I change my mind. I made sure to complete my High School and went to CEGEP (College in Quebec) in order to get a diploma in something else. This is where I started photography in a Photo club and I loved it so much that I chose to study it at La cite Collegiale […]

Experience is what sets me apart

Visit of US President Obama to Ottawa in 2010 I am an artist that likes to wear a tie, the quiet gentlemen that listen to metal music. I am the pacific guy that trains to fight every week and a couch-potato that runs ultra marathons. I am patient and easily gets excited with new projects. When you hire me, you are not only getting a photographer, you get a partner that will help you realize your project and document it in a way that will write history, your story. My experience is what sets me apart. I had the honour […]

How I became a giant in 24h.

It all started over a beer on New year’s eve. My aunt told me about this race she had been running for the last two years. She said it was crazy enough that it would be “my kind of thing”: a trail race, in a cross country skiing club, with only 35 participants, and a poutine at the end. The trail is a 4.2km loop that you run/walk as many time as you possibly can, in 24hours. It’s called: “Le trail des géants », french for “The trail of the giants”. I was sold! An ultramarathon, […], is any footrace longer than the […]

When your subject flies right in front of your lens

Photo: A Grey Jay having a snack © Serge Gouin 2018 I am not much of a landscape or wildlife photographer but I do enjoy hiking and the outdoors. Obviously I carry my camera with me most times and try to capture some of my surroundings. Sometimes, you are lucky and the subject imposes himself to you. That is exactly what happened to me over the Christmas holidays as a few birds have flown right in front of my lens. The first one was a woodpecker chewing a hydro post that must have been infected with some tasty insects. He was […]

If honesty pays, Christine Girard’s is worth gold (and bronze)

Photo: Christine Girard, first two-time Olympic medalist in Canadian Weightlifting. © Serge Gouin 2018 One of my first paid photography assignment was to photograph a weightlifting competition. I was just getting started in photography and, at the time, I was a member of a photography club at my Cegep (college in Quebec). My wife’s uncle, Gaetan, had asked if I would photograph the competition that his daughter’s were competing in. I shot this gig in black and white, on film in a dark gymnasium and processed the images using chemicals in our club’s darkroom. It was a different reality than with […]

Passion is what we have in common

Studio setup in my wife classroom back in 2016 I am extremely lucky to have found a partner in life that can deal with me day after day. Being a photographer, even for the government, sometimes means a life that is hectic, hard to organize and often I am gone for long periods of time. And if you add a few personal projects and working out a few times a week, you can only imagine the kind of schedule I have… My wife teaches grade 1 in a school near our home. She loves these kids with her life. She […]