Confinement, rainbows and new challenge.

This Coronavirus, alias COVID-19, has forced everyone to stay home and adapt to new day-to-day routines that, ultimately, will protect us in the long term. At home, we are extremely fortunate to both have government jobs that allows us to continue to receive the same income and remove a potential financial burden. My wife being a teacher make sure that our kids do a bit to continue learning every day and keeps them busy while I telework. On March 25th, I began an 8-month assignment in a different unit as a New Media/Web Specialist. Luckily I already knew my new […]

Passion is what we have in common

Studio setup in my wife classroom back in 2016 I am extremely lucky to have found a partner in life that can deal with me day after day. Being a photographer, even for the government, sometimes means a life that is hectic, hard to organize and often I am gone for long periods of time. And if you add a few personal projects and working out a few times a week, you can only imagine the kind of schedule I have… My wife teaches grade 1 in a school near our home. She loves these kids with her life. She […]